Setting a new benchmark for paid parental leave


Mother, father and baby

Last year Alliance Australia introduced a paid parental leave program that’s ahead of the market. This program is a testament to our commitment to creating an inclusive and flexible workplace where parents are both encouraged and supported to take an active role in caring for their family.

A paid parental leave program ensures employees have financial security during this time of change.

Beyond the minimum 

In Australia, workers can access government parental leave payments if they meet the relevant Services Australia criteria – currently up to 18 weeks’ pay for coupled parents or up to 20 weeks for single parents. However, these payments are only paid at the national minimum wage. To ensure eligible employees are not financially disadvantaged during this period, the business provides “top-up payments” to match the employee’s ordinary base rate of pay. This adds to the peace of mind for employees and their families during a time of change.

The best possible start in life

This program is ahead of the proposed timetable under the Paid Parental Leave Amendment (More Support for Working Families) Bill 2023 which will  increase parental leave pay progressively up to a total of 26 weeks in 2026.  We fully fund an additional eight weeks' pay for coupled employees and an additional six weeks' pay for single employees, so that parents can give their children the best possible start in life.

Additional superannuation contributions and flexible leave options

The business also offers eligible employees’ additional benefits such as employer superannuation on parental leave payments, the option to take parental leave at half-pay rather than full pay and allowing employees to apply for up to two years of leave in total (incorporating paid and unpaid parental leave). We also support senior leaders who are ineligible for government paid parental leave to access employer funded payments.

Inclusive policy: Supporting all parents

The policy is designed to support all parents regardless of their relationship status, sexual orientation, adopting or fostering, or entering a surrogacy arrangement.

Executive Director, People, Culture and Workplace, Zaklina Craig, outlined the wide-ranging benefits of the initiatives.

“We recognised that a generous parental leave policy is a competitive advantage for us as an employer, particularly for retaining women in senior leadership roles. This is one way that we can positively influence equality of outcomes for men and women in the workplace. The positive reception to the changes has been truly encouraging.”

Dell Matejka, Digital Experience Manager for Alliance Australia, is one of the first employees to benefit from the new policy having gone on maternity parental leave recently.

Having a baby is expensive, especially with the cost-of-living crisis. Receiving full pay for 6 months allows me to enjoy my parental leave by not having to stress over our outgoings. I feel privileged to work at a place that values women in the workplace.

More than just parental leave.

For those who are not eligible for parental leave, the business also offers some other exciting benefits for employees such as:

  • 'Birthday Leave' which also launched in 2023 and allows employees to enjoy a day off during their birthday month!
  • Chamber Day is also a long-standing benefit, which is an extra day offered to employees between Christmas and New Year as a nod to the almost 200-year history of the organisation as a business chamber.


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